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Here you will find some tasty recipes made using our products.

If you, too, have created a recipe using Olive Hill products and would like to share it with us, send it to us by E-mail and we will post it on this page.
- Cima Genovese with spiciness
- Trenette with pesto
- Grouper with olives
- Ligurian-style rabbit
- Carpaccio with carciofin de petrin
- Angry pens at bruxia beck
- Gilthead bream with creamed artichokes

Colle degli Ulivi's specialty foods are made by us from our farm's fresh and natural ingredients. Find all the flavors of Liguria in this collection of recipes ...signed "Colle degli Ulivi."


Ingredients: Cima of about 700g, 1 sweetbread - brains, 100gr. of lean pork, 3 eggs, garlic, a handful of dried mushrooms, 100 g veal meat, extra virgin olive oil from Colle degli Ulivi, pine nuts, grana cheese, peas, spices, 2 liters vegetable broth, salt, spiciness.

Wash and dry the top. Brown the meat with extra olive oil, almost at the end add the brains and sweetbreads freed from the outer skin. Drain and place on cutting board. Mix peas, garlic, and mushrooms soaked in warm water with plenty of parmesan cheese and beaten eggs. Fill the bag two-thirds full.Then sew it from the opening and prick it on both sides.Prepare vegetable broth and cook it for one hour. Let it cool between two plates with a weight on top, serve in medium-thick slices with the spiciness


Ingredients: 450 g dry trenette pasta, 5 tablespoons Olive Hill pesto, 100 g fresh green beans, 2 medium potatoes, grana cheese, salt.

Boil sliced potatoes and green beans with a little salt. Cook the trenette, and top the green beans and potatoes with our pesto, sprinkling with plenty of grana cheese.


Ingredients: 4 grouper steaks for about 1 kg, 500 gr. ripe tomatoes, 100 gr. taggiasche olives from Colle degli Ulivi in brine, 1 clove of garlic, parsley, extra virgin olive oil, salt.

Chop tomatoes with parsley, sauté oil with parsley and garlic, add tomatoes and cook for 5 minutes with a little salt. Add the slices and cook everything for seven minutes. Turn them on the other side adding the olives and salt to taste.


Ingredients: One nostrano rabbit cut into pieces, 1 onion, extra virgin olive oil, rosemary, 50 g pitted olive pate, bay leaves, thyme, celery, red wine, walnuts, salt.

Wash the rabbit, separating the head and liver. Chop the onion, rosemary, thyme, bay leaf and celery. Brown everything in oil, add the rabbit the crushed walnuts and olives while adding red wine. Separately boil the head and liver. Blend the liver and the edible part obtainable from the head. Add the mince to the rabbit pieces with a generous spoonful of olive pate. Control the simmering and if necessary add a little wine until the end of cooking.


Ingredients:300 g fine-cut veal, extra virgin olive oil, artichokes in olive oil from Colle degli Ulivi, lemon juice, salt and pepper.

Lay the slices of carpaccio meat on a serving plate and cook the meat cold with the juice of one lemon. Season the dish with a drizzle of extra virgin mustard oil, and season with salt and pepper to taste. Let the meat rest in the refrigerator and then serve with de Petrin artichokes laid on top of the carpaccio.


Ingredients: 500gr. of penne, extra-virgin olive oil, grana cheese, two teaspoons of Bruxia Beck (do not exceed the dose because it is very spicy), salt.

Bring water to a boil, throw in the pasta following the cooking time. Drain and season with oil and Bruxia Beck. Mix the seasoning, sprinkle with grated parmesan cheese, then serve.


Ingredients: 1 kg sea bream, 1 glass Colle degli Ulivi extra virgin olive oil, 1 glass white wine, our artichoke cream, rosemary, 1 clove of garlic, broth, pepper and salt.

Place fish in an oven dish previously greased with oil, season with garlic, rosemary, pepper, inside and out. Brown for ten minutes and then add the wine and about two ladles of broth needed to cook. Continue in the oven until cooked through, serve piping hot with a velvety cream of artichoke soup.

Vacations on the Hill

Colle degli Ulivi offers you the opportunity to spend a relaxing vacation among the olive trees of the Ligurian hills, offering accommodation in three apartments.

3 rooms - large kitchen - bathroom
garden - parking space

2 rooms - large kitchen - bathroom
garden - parking space

2 rooms - large kitchen - bathroom
garden - parking space

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