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The extra virgin olive oil we produce is obtained by pressing olives of the Taggiasca cultivar. Our extra virgin oil has a delicate slightly fruity flavor with an intense warm yellow color. All of our production is bottled directly on the farm as "must," or "filtered" naturally, using cotton.

Available packages are:
- 1 lt. can. 3 lt. 5
- SQUARE BOTTLE of lt. 0.75
- 1-liter BOTTLE. Lt. 2
- GALLON from lt. 0.25 from lt. 0.50
- GALLON from lt. 1 from lt. 2 from lt. 5


Available packages are:
- 0.25-liter BOTTLE
- 0.50-liter BOTTLE


The olives produced at Colle degli Ulivi are all of the "Taggiasca" variety, a quality of excellence in our area. They can be easily recognized by their uneven color, have a scalar ripening from green to black, are small and are placed in brine and flavored with thyme, bay leaves and rosemary, according to a typical Ligurian recipe. Their flavor is ideal for appetizing aperitifs, and for any use in cooking.
INGREDIENTS: Taggiasca olives, water, salt, natural flavors (bay leaf, thyme and rosemary)
STORAGE: Our olives in brine will keep for about a year from the date of packaging; the brine in which they are immersed is made with the percentage of salt necessary to keep them healthy without the addition of preservatives. After opening the jar, a white flower may appear on the surface: this is completely natural and does not alter the product.
Available packages are:
- 340 g jar
- 630 g jar
- 1 kg basket
- 5 kg basket


These olives, after being in the brine for the optimal time, are pitted and preserved in extra virgin olive oil. Pitted olives are more convenient to use in cooking, ideal for appetizers and tasty salads, also practical for enriching sauces without the hassle of the stone.
INGREDIENTS: pitted Taggiasca olives, extra virgin olive oil, natural flavors.
STORAGE: Our olives have an expiration date of about one year after packaging, they should be stored in a cool place and covered with extra virgin olive oil.
Available packages are:
- 200 g jar
- 500 g jar


The olive pâté from Colle degli Ulivi is made exclusively from olives of the "Taggiasca" quality. It comes from grinding the best olives placed in brine, flavored with typical Ligurian flavors (thyme, bay leaf, and rosemary) with the addition of plenty of extra virgin olive oil. This simple olive cream is easily used for hors d'oeuvres, to season pasta dishes, and to embellish meats and fish.
INGREDIENTS: Taggiasca olives in brine, extra virgin olive oil, salt, herbs.
STORAGE: Keeps in a cool, dry place until the jar is opened, then in the refrigerator with a layer of oil added to the surface.
Available packages are:
- 180 g jar
- 280 g jar
- 500 g jar


Pesto alla Genovese from Colle degli Ulivi is made exclusively with fresh basil from the Ligurian Riviera, grown directly by us, on the farm.
Our pesto has a delicate aroma in which all the freshness of basil is savored; ideal for seasoning all types of pasta, special with "trofie" and "trenette," it is also used to enrich soups.
INGREDIENTS: fresh basil from Colle degli Ulivi, extra virgin olive oil, grana cheese, pine nuts, hazelnuts, garlic, vinegar and salt.
STORAGE: we indicate the term of one year after packaging, once opened add a layer of extra virgin olive oil on the surface and store in the refrigerator.
Available packages are:
- 170 g jar
- 250 g jar
- 500 g jar

CARCIOFINI IN OIL (Carciofin de Petrin)

Colle degli Ulivi artichokes in oil, come from the selection of the smallest and most tender artichokes in our production. These are artichokes of the spiny quality, grown directly on the farm, prepared for cooking with wine and vinegar, and then preserved in extra virgin olive oil.
Their delicate and appetizing flavor makes them ideal for any use in cooking.
INGREDIENTS: artichokes boiled in vinegar and white wine, extra virgin olive oil, salt and natural flavorings.
STORAGE: Store in a cool, dry place even after opening the jar.
Available packages are:
- 200 g jar
- 300 g jar
- 500 g jar


Our tomatoes in oil, once dried, are prepared with a special tanning of wine and vinegar that makes them soft and embellishes them with flavor. Boiling them enriches them with a sweet and sour flavor, and with the addition of our extra virgin olive oil, they become an ideal ingredient for any use in cooking. They can be used as an appetizer and topping for first courses, or as an accompaniment to both meat and fish main courses.
INGREDIENTS: sun-dried tomatoes, extra virgin olive oil, vinegar, red wine and natural flavors.
STORAGE: Store in a cool, dry place even after opening the package.
Available packages are:
- 200 g jar
- 500 g jar


Colle degli Ulivi's stuffed chilies are of the round, slightly spicy quality, grown directly on the farm during the summer months. Stuffed peppers are stuffed with capers, pitted olives, and anchovies, flavorful ingredients that make them a delicacy in appetizers, but also delicious broken up to season pasta and as an accompaniment to meats and fish.
INGREDIENTS: hot peppers, pitted olives, capers, anchovies, extra virgin olive oil.
STORAGE: Store in a cool, dry place even after opening the jar, always covered with oil.
Available packages are:
- 200 g jar

- 300 g jar
- 500 g jar


Fresh eggplant harvested and prepared in cooking with wine and vinegar preserved with flavorings in extra virgin olive oil

- 300 g jar

Grandma Livia's TRUMPETS

Fresh zucchini grown and harvested directly on the farm according to the traditions of the land of Liguria and prepared on the same day as our grandmother Livia's old recipe suggests, cooked quickly with wine and vinegar and flavored with classic Ligurian flavors preserved with extra virgin olive oil .
- 200 g jar.
- 300 g jar.

The Olive Tree Hill also brings you three exclusive recipes for three particularly delicious sauces "invented" by Adelmo, inspired by his gluttony.


Spicyness is Adelmo's first "creature." It was born from the skillful blend of ingredients from the Olive Hill and ...the gluttony of the inventor. Spicy is considered a wild card in the kitchen, suitable for garnishing canapés for delicious appetizers it is great for seasoning any first course but also as an accompaniment to meat, fish and vegetables. This slightly spicy sauce is made by chopping tomatoes in oil with capers, olive pate, anchovies and a little chili pepper. On the label Adelmo wanted to emphasize his specialty with the words, "The spiciness on meats and pasta is a real treat."
INGREDIENTS: sun-dried tomatoes (already boiled in wine and vinegar), anchovies, olive pate, capers, extra virgin olive oil and natural flavorings.
STORAGE: Keeps in a cool, dry place until the jar is opened, then in the refrigerator with a layer of oil added to the surface.
Available packages are:
- 180 g jar
- 280 g jar
- 500 g jar

CARCIOLIVA (Cream of artichoke and olive pate)

Artichoke cream is another specialty of Olive Hill. Its uniqueness lies in the addition of a special ingredient: olive pate from the Olive Hill. Its light, slightly sweet-and-sour flavor makes it tasty for any use, spread on canapés for appetizers, in the dressing of pasta dishes or as an accompaniment to meat and fish.
INGREDIENTS: artichokes, extra virgin olive oil, olive pate, vinegar and white wine, salt, pepper and natural flavors.
STORAGE: Keeps in a cool, dry place until the jar is opened, then in the refrigerator with a layer of oil added to the surface.
Available packages are:
- 180 g jar
- 280 g jar


Bruxia beck is the newest specialty of the Olive Hill. It is a decidedly spicy sauce, as its name suggests: in fact, in dialect "bruxia beck" means burn your mouth. It is a pure mince of chilies grown directly on the farm, cleaned by hand, and cold blanched in vinegar, with the addition of extra virgin olive oil.
INGREDIENTS: hot peppers, extra virgin olive oil, vinegar and salt.
STORAGE: Keeps in a cool, dry place until the jar is opened then in the refrigerator with a layer of oil added to the surface.
Available packages are:
- 180 g jar
- 280 g jar

Calendar of Primizie

The fruits of the earth are at their best when they are picked at the right time.


In the spring, the olive trees begin to bloom, and if the weather conditions are good, olives are born in the summer and grow until harvest time in the fall. The staggered ripening of the olives makes it possible to extend the harvest until February, March so that the first cold pressing of Taggiasca extra virgin olive oil with a sweet fruity flavor can be obtained.
At harvest time we spread out special nets that are sewn throughout the countryside.
We use an air-powered "whisk" to do the knocking down, with plastic sticks that move the frond, causing the olives to fall without ruining the tree.
From the tree, the olives are knocked down, brought to the warehouse, and passed through the sorting machine, which cleans them of leaves and sizes them according to size. On the same day as harvesting, we crush them in order to obtain the first cold pressing of Taggiasca extra virgin olive oil.
When the olives reach the right ripeness, we again pick them by hand to put them in drums with brine in salt water and herbs.
At the end of the harvest, nets are removed and pruning begins so as to prepare the trees for the following year.
In this area where the climate is mild but with little rainfall, our farm has equipped itself with a drip irrigation system for each olive tree so as to help the plant do its production cycle
tive yearly.

ZUCCHINE "Trombette"

Traditional Ligurian zucchini with a distinctive shape called "trombette" can be found in mid-season and during summer.


In the terraced bundles near the greenhouse, overlooking the Gulf of Diano Marina directly, we plant Riviera artichokes of the thorny variety.
In August, the artichokes are planted in the "pit" and watered regularly. Then a bed of soil is created near the plant to protect it in the winter, and by Christmas until spring we harvest the plant's fruit.
With the daily fresh cut, we guarantee the tenderness of both the artichoke heart and stem, true delicacies for artichoke lovers, which can also be eaten raw with a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil and slivers of parmesan and pecorino cheese.


In the open field in May, we plant hot peppers of the round variety.
They ripen in summer and we harvest them by hand to empty them of seeds and stuff them with anchovies, Taggiasca olives and capers. With the spicy seed, combined with our Taggiasca extra virgin olive oil, we invented Bruxia Beck , a spicy cream that will please the most caliente palates.


Twice a year, in December and July, we prepare the greenhouse soil for planting tomatoes of the oxheart and Marmanda varieties, which are typical of Liguria.
In the furrows we plant the cubed seedlings, which we wet first by hand with rubber, then by drip and sprinkler.
When the plant is 30 cm tall, we tie it to a string supported by steel cables put on purpose to support the load of 10000 plants that can produce 500 quintals of tomatoes at full maturity. Regularly, during growth, the plant is cleaned of side shoots called "suckers" and lightened of excess flowers so as to obtain a good selection of tomato caliber.
Tomato ripening does not occur all at once but "pinecone" or flowering blocks.
When the tomato has reached the right ripeness, it is excellent for making the typical Ligurian "cundiun," seasoned with our Taggiasca extra-virgin olive oil, which enhances the flavor even more.