TRIS IN LOVE WE HAVE SELECTED FOR YOU A TRIO OF DELICACIES TO CELEBRATE SAINT VALENTINE’S DAY IN SIMPLICITY SPECIAL PRICE ONLY 15.00€ CARCIOLIVA 280 gr. BRUXUIABECK 280 gr. And TAGGIASQUE OLIVES 200 gr. (BY WRITE VARIATION IN THE NOTES IT IS ALSO POSSIBLE TO SUBSTITUTE 280 gr. PICCANTIZIA ) The trio of jars will be packaged in a gift celophane THE KIT WITH THE COMPLETE CASPO’ LOVE is €20.00. We are waiting for you at the seaside, to make you fall in love, with skies of Liguria and flavors to enjoy! We await you in Our Farmhouse with the usual enthusiasm on #SanValentine we give you a night and a kiss   From the olives of “Colledegli Ulivi” in the countryside of Diano Marina (IM), Azienda Agricola Colle degli Ulivi cold-pressed this extra virgin olive oil with a medium fruity flavor. The olives produced at Colle degli Ulivi are all of the “Taggiasca” variety, a quality of excellence in our area. They can be easily recognized by their uneven color, have a scalar ripening from green to black, are small and are placed in brine and flavored with thyme, bay leaves and rosemary, according to a typical Ligurian recipe. Their flavor is ideal for appetizing aperitifs, and for any use in cooking. Initially sweet on the palate, and with a very slight spicy aftertaste at the end. For this reason, our oil is ideal to accompany not only white meat dishes or cooked vegetables, but also salads, caprese, pinzimoni, bruschetta, and finally fish. Our land, divided between rock and water, urges us to seek harmony between the elements. This has been our philosophy for four generations, handed down from father to son.  
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