Taggiasca olive pate 80gr.



Taggiasca olive pate 80 gr.
The olive pâté from Colle degli Ulivi is made exclusively from olives of the “Taggiasca” quality. It comes from grinding the best olives placed in brine, flavored with typical Ligurian flavors (thyme, bay leaf, and rosemary) with the addition of plenty of extra virgin olive oil. This simple olive cream is easily used for hors d’oeuvres, to season pasta dishes, and to embellish meats and fish.
Taggiasca olives in brine, extra virgin olive oil, salt, herbs.   The specialties of the Ligurian Tradition of of Il Colle, prepared with Taggiasca extra virgin olive oil. From the olives of “Colle degli Ulivi” in the countryside of Diano Marina (IM), the farm cold-pressed this extra virgin olive oil. Medium fruity flavor for over four generations using exclusively artisanal methods. This attention gives rise to a genuine and valuable product. In addition, today the company has opened its production to the latest innovations in the field of olive growing, environmental protection and the highest quality standards. In fact, the olive harvest respects the right ripening time. After that, quickly start the milling process. In this way, the oil retains all its nutrients, such as polyphenols and other natural antioxidants, which finally give olio of Il Colle its typical taste of freshly harvested Taggiasca olives. Initially sweet on the palate, and with a very slight spicy aftertaste at the end. For this reason, our oil is ideal to accompany not only white meat dishes or cooked vegetables, but also salads, caprese, pinzimoni, bruschetta, and finally fish. Our land, divided between rock and water, urges us to seek harmony between the elements. This has been our philosophy for four generations, handed down from father to son. We were born on the shore of a sea that has always combined traditions and culinary culture. The Riviera of Flowers is the “place” that inspires our world and way of working and gives impetus to our passion for quality linked to craftsmanship.
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