Coll’Olio COUNTRY BOX SMALL Coll’Olio COUNTRY BOX SMALL GIFT BOX From the olives of the “Hill of Olives” content:
  • “Po’ Matte” extra tomato jam 180 gr.
  • Dried tomatoes 200 gr.
  • Coll’olio Olio Evo 100% Italian 250 ml.
  • Taggiasca olives in brine 200 gr.
  • Pesto without garlic 170 gr.
“Coll’Olio” line of extra virgin olive oil, must dedicated to professional catering and for more elegant uses in dark bottles. Extra virgin olive oil produced from Italian olives selected by us for you, light with a round and slightly fruity flavor. Our selection chosen for you to continue to savor the characteristics of small-scale craftsmanship with just the right balance in taste to enhance each of your dishes. It is distinguished by superior nutritional characteristics and high antioxidant power. Acidity less than 0.4%. 100% Italian our oil is ideal to accompany not only white meat dishes or cooked vegetables, but also salads, caprese, pinzimoni, bruschetta and finally fish. We were born on the shore of a sea that has always combined traditions and culinary culture. The Riviera of Flowers is the “place” that inspires our world and way of working and gives impetus to our passion for quality linked to craftsmanship. Our land, divided between rock and water, urges us to seek harmony between the elements. This has been our philosophy for four generations, handed down from father to son.
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