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ALL ITEMS PHOTOGRAPHED IN THE GIFT BOXES ARE INTENDED TO BE TRUE TO THE PHOTOS AND DESCRIPTIONS ALWAYS FOR THE CONTENT, WHILE IT IS POSSIBLE THAT THE CONTAINERS OF THE PACKAGES (BASKETS ,BOXES,CASPO’,OR BOTTLE HOLDERS …) MAY VARY DEPENDING ON STOCK AVAILABILITY. TERMS OF SALE AND PAYMENT: Orders will be processed with the surcharge of € 13.00 for shipments up to 30 kg and € 20.00 for shipments up to 50 kg. For glass bottles and jars, we use special polystyrene packaging to ensure proper and safe delivery at a cost of € 4.00 per box . (Normally one box for every 6 bottles). It is advisable to always check the integrity of the package received in the presence of the Courier and, if necessary, request conditional collection if the package has any breakage or tampering. WARNING: ALWAYS WAIT FOR CONFIRMATION EMAIL FOR TOTAL ACCOUNT FOR BOTH FREIGHT CHARGES AND STYROFOAM BOX The tax code and/or VAT number are required for the issuance of the purchase invoice, which is sent with the products or possibly anticipated by email. For new customers, payment in advance by bank transfer or postal bulletin. Payment By Credit Card, ATM through Paypal. PAYMENT COORDINATES: BANK TRANSFER IN ADVANCE Made out to Az. Agr. The Hill of Olives BANK CARIGE DIANO MARINA EN 74 I 06175 49 0000 0000 5933180 POSTAL BULLETIN Made out to Az. Agr. The Hill of Olives c/c 59314955 PAYMENT RECEIPTS CAN BE FAXED TO 0183/405583 OR MAILED TO info@ilcolledegliulivi.com We would like to clarify that , we are not available for any other terms of sale than those indicated. Following an ongoing employment relationship we may consider other conditions if necessary. Goods are shipped upon receipt of payment, bank transfer payments may take a few days for payment verification.

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