Coll’Olio EXTRA VIRGIN OIL New selection 100% Italian

We have to give you two pieces of news one bad and one good … where to start? We tell you right away the not-so-good one … we are out of oil … … and yes unfortunately in the face of a poor vintage , we are forced to give up and not satisfy you completely . But like all precious things they must be guarded , protected and expected … … sometimes difficulties create opportunities … Hence the need to look for a selection of Italian % CULTIVARs to go to make up for the lack of Taggiasca . From the best selection of extra virgin olive oils comes for you our new proposal COLL’OLIO to continue “seasoning” your dishes with ‘oil of Il Colle. Looking forward to the new 2022/23 Taggiasca Coll olio campaign is the answer to your search for fruity flavor WE INFORM YOU THAT THE PHOTOGRAPHED GIFT BOXES WITH TAGGIASCA WILL BE REPLACED BY THE NEW SELECTION OF COLL OLIO UNTIL THE NEW VINTAGE .

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