NEW. ON OUR CRAFTSMANSHIP WE PRESENT A NEW PRODUCT AND WE DO IT WITH A BANG! ON-LINE FOR ALL YOUR EXPENSES WE GIVE IT TO YOU UNTIL THE END OF THE MONTH!!! POMOgreen is born our and your beloved tomatoes always of the HEARTS variety! HEART OF BUE tomatoes of our own production That have


OUR WINTER IS DIFFERENT the sun is almost always present 14 C degrees and the smell of the sea It is worthwhile to visit us! PIGGY BANK PROMO 1 NIGHT FREE THROUGHOUT JANUARY ! WE ARE WAITING FOR YOU COME AND VISIT US, IN THE COUNTRYSIDE, YES, OVERLOOK THE SEA   Farmhouse Il Colle degli


CRAZY CRAFT SUPPLIES FOR THE PANTRY AND THE END OF THE HOLIDAYS The befana comes at night with shoes all broken to good children brings gifts and for all ON- LINE orders you will find FREE olives in the packages OLIVE TAGGIASCA IN SALAMAOY 200 gr. FOR MINIMUM ORDERS OF 100€ TRANSPORTATION IS FREE !!!


***FREESHIPPING AT €99.00*** Shipping fees are lowered to facilitate each shipment !! SPECIAL OFFERS !!! NOV. 20 TO 27 PEEK HERE AND SOON WE WILL BE THERE At Christmas give and treat yourself craft production !! Only for this week items at a special price !!!


Olive in salamoia - busta da 250 Gr
!!! WISHING YOU A HAPPY AUGUST HOLIDAY. WE OFFER YOU THE OLIVES AT LOW COST !!! For your salads … Of a hot summer … you can’t miss the TAGGIASCA OLIVES 3 ENVELOPES 25O gr. X 5,00€ advantageous for your pocket !!! THE ‘OFFER ALSO CONTINUES IN THE ENVELOPE HOW ABOUT THE IDEA DO YOU


AROMATICA 2023 Period: MAY 5/ 6/7 Place: Streets of the center of Diano Marina SITE: Instagram: Facebook: Aromatic Dianese Municipality of Diano Marina   SPECIAL PRICE IN FARMHOUSE We look forward to seeing you! AROMATIC WEEKEND MAY PROMO DISCOVER THE ADVANTAGE! 5May/5JUNE A whole month with a favorable


We look forward to seeing you at the seaside, To make you fall in love, with the skies of Liguria And our enjoyment flavors ! we offer you a kit in LOVE with our delicacies … at an or SPECIAL PRICE IN SIMPLICITY. TRIS IN LOVE We are waiting for you in the Dianese Gulf


VALID ONLY 48H HURRY FOR A FEW HOURS! FREE TRANSPORTATION AND IN NO TIME WE’LL BE THERE! 20 TO 22 WE WILL BE HAPPY IN TWO! JANUARY OFFER PIGGY BANK BENEFITS Offer Code JANUARYFREE We will be glad to give you more facilities by offering shipping charges! On minimum expenditure of €100 … It will


the Hill of Olives presents the new 2022/23 vintage **** O L I O L I V A 2022 **** NOVEMBER 4-5-6, 2022NEW OIL FESTIVAL Olioliva, the queen event of Ligurian autumn, returns to Imperia. Oneglia dresses up for the festivities and brings to the streets and squares, on the quay of Calata Cuneo the

The Hill of Olives, from Heaven!

The Hill of Olives … from nature with simplicity is served our craftsmanship ! Il Colle degli Ulivi recounts a long journey from direct production from the field to the packaging of typical Ligurian flavors, maintaining family passion and tradition. The range of our products includes : extra virgin olive oil, Taggiasche olive pate , Taggiasche olives in brine and pitted in oil, pesto, sun-dried tomatoes, chili peppers, artichokes , trombette zucchini and eggplant . In particular, the family specialties are Adelmo’s Gluttonies , Spicy, Bruxia Beck, and Carcioliva , original ideas directly invented by the home producer to grace your tables . Our Taggiasca extra virgin olive oil is obtained from the harvest of healthy and tasty, selected cold-pressed olives . Our terriotory has been known for centuries as one of the homelands of “Taggiasca,” which here finds ideal soils and exposures to express its qualitative heights, in our best production called “Cuore del Colle.” Az. agr. il Colle degli Ulivi


Artichokes thorny quality from the Ligurian Riviera. Harvested every morning on our hill ! #Km0 … real flavor! … work in progress… It is possible to ship our fresh seasonal produce! To date available to cut each morning the quality thorny … … simply fabulous!!! The Hill of Olives joins the Campagnamica #iomangioitaliano circuit And


GIFT VOUCHER. FOR A ‘SPECIAL OCCASION gives a CRAFT VOUCHER ! On FEASTIVITIES or just to enjoy the craftsmanship send us a request for a shopping voucher to give away … And we will send it to you and it can be customized! You will choose the amount you want and we will prepare it


  ***FEBRUARY in LOVE*** We look forward to seeing you in Diano Marina … … for a nice little surprise! From our hands with love… … we give you the heart! Stop by and visit us at the SHOP next to the church … … and your spending will be rewarded ! 12/13/14 Valentine’s Day


            From  24 to 31 ( On minimum expenditure of 100€ ) !! WE DON’T WANT FORGET ANY !!! You choose the promo to your home the product you want ! The ‘craftsmanship our … in your home … choose your advantage And add to the order a taste  CHOOSE


Grateful for your support even at a distance we want to reward perseverance Of those who know that with determination We bring home our production.   A pandemic of production, with a decline in quantity does not deny us from offering you quality OFFER ENVELOPES TAGGIASCA OLIVES 250 GR S P E C I A


PROMO FROM MARCH 6 TO MARCH 13 COLLEGE WOMEN always give something extra ! On the occasion of Women’s Day from MARCH 6 to 13 you can purchase our all-you-can-eat craftsmanship! Order directly here and we will be there soon !!! For minimum orders of $100.00, TRANSPORTATION is FREE! OFFER Code : ***WOMAN22***  

Grandparents’ Day !

Today, OCTOBER 2. *** F E S T A I N O N I *** pillars of many families that we want to reward klikka the code here and TRANSPORTATION will be FREE!!! (FOR MINIMUM ORDERS OF €100.00) CODE: SUPERNONNI We send you crazy greetings From Grandpa Adelmo and the grandchildren of the Hill!

AROMATICA 10/11/12 ***September 2021***

Aromatica” – Scents and Flavors of the Ligurian Riviera, now in its 8th edition, returns to the spotlight in 2021 , proposing the typical products of western Liguria, excellences from other provinces and products, artisanal and otherwise, that count herbs among their ingredients. A quality event that aims to enhance typical products and promote the
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