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Farm il Colle degli Ulivi

The farm Il colle degli Ulivi, is situated in the hills of the immediate hinterland of Diano Marina.

Created by Dad Adelmo, with decades of experience handed down to him by his parents of Piedmontese origin, Pietro and Ernesta, who moved

Diano Marina in 1938.

In the following years, Adelmo joined by his wife Marisa, expanded the cultivation to intensive farming.

With the grafting of new forces , twin daughters Paola and Claudia, lead to the development of new ideas such as the opening of the online store and the expansion of the direct sales of the store in downtown Diano Marina.

In the beginning, production consisted of vegetables grown in the open area and the grinding of olives, in the family's small artisanal oil mill.
Later they intensified greenhouse vegetable production and expanded the farm's area with new land.

Today the area of our farm is mainly planted with olive trees with centuries-old plants of the "Taggiasca" variety, a typical and renowned quality of western Liguria.
Thanks to favorable climatic conditions and modern irrigation systems, we obtain excellent quality extra virgin olive oil productions with acidity less than 0.4 percent.
In addition to olive groves, we produce typical regional vegetables on the farm, such as basil, artichokes, trombette zucchini and beef heart tomatoes.
In season you can buy these products, fresh and genuine all km0, at our store, but you can also find all the flavors of the typical Ligurian tradition in the sauces, preserves and products in oil from Colle degli Ulivi.
Adelmo and all of us pay special attention to the quality of our products, fully respecting nature.

If you wish to visit us, you can do so every day, following the easy route of the "passaggiate" the tasting walks: you can enjoy the best of Ligurian flavors and the pleasant atmosphere of farm life.
All Colle degli Ulivi products can be purchased not only on the farm but also in the small but central store near the church in Diano Marina. If you are ...too far away to come in person, we can ship the products you request to your home:

see the section "
" for full details on our packages and conditions of sale.

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